Anime Vocabulary (Learn Japanese with Anime) - 「Learn Japanese」 Need-to-Know Vocabulary to Watch One Piece #758 without Subtitles!

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Anime Vocabulary (Learn Japanese with Anime)

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「Learn Japanese」 Need-to-Know Vocabulary to Watch One Piece #758 without Subtitles!

「Learn Japanese」 Need-to-Know Vocabulary to Watch One Piece #758 without Subtitles!

Welcome to the #WatchAnimeWithoutSubtitlesChallenge! Here’s how it works: each one of these video is based on a specific episode of anime and presents a list of vocabulary terms used throughout the ENTIRE episode of that anime that you need to know in order to watch that episode without subtitles and understand what’s being said (in terms of vocabulary at least). So, take some time to study the vocabulary list presented at the beginning of this video and then proceed to the flash-card style quiz to really be sure that you can recognize the words upon a moment’s notice! Afterwards, take the true test and watch that episode of the anime without subtitles and see if you can really understand what’s going on with just the Japanese language!

Vocabulary List:
患者(かんじゃ/kanja) – ‘patient’
気に掛ける(きにかける/kinikakeru) – ‘to weigh on one’s mind, to trouble one’s heart, to be concerned about, to worry about’
出向く(でむく/demuku) – ‘to go to, to proceed to, to leave for’
乱心(らんしん/ranshin) – ‘mental derangement, going mad’
千尋の谷(せんじんのたに/senjinnotani) – ‘bottomless ravine, abyss’
砂糖(さとう/satō) – ‘sugar’
蜂蜜(はちみつ/hachimitsu) – ‘honey’
塩気(しおけ/shioke) – ‘saltiness’
喉笛(のどぶえ/nodobue) – ‘windpipe’
厳しい(きびしい/kibishii) – ‘severe, strict, rigid, unsparing, relentless’
暑苦しい(あつくるしい/atsukurushii) – ‘sultry, sweltering’
船長(せんちょう/senchō) – ‘ship’s captain’
相当(そうとう/sōtō) – ‘befitting, becoming, worthy of, proportionate, in keeping with, suitable’
無礼(ぶれい/burei) – ‘impolite, rude’
敗者(はいしゃ/haisha) – ‘the defeated, vanquished, loser’
優勢(ゆうせい/yūsei) – ‘superiority, superior power, predominance, preponderance’
命取り(いのちとり/inochitori) – ‘fatal, deadly, mortal’
正式(せいしき/seishiki) – ‘due form, official, formality’
神聖(しんせい /shinsei) – ‘holiness, sacredness, dignity’
同等(どうとう/dōtō) – ‘equality, equal, same rights, same rank, equivalence’
顔を合わせる(かおをあわせる/kaooawaseru) – ‘to meet, to face someone’
互角(ごかく/gokaku) – ‘equality, evenness, par, good match’
分割(ぶんかつ/bunkatsu) – ‘partition, division, separation, segmenting, splitting’
昼夜逆転(ちゅうやぎゃくてん/chūyagyakuten) – ‘one’s days and nights being reversed’
影響(えいきょう/eikyō) – ‘influence, effect’
夜行性(やこうせい/yakōsei) – ‘nocturnality, nocturnal habits’
風習(ふうしゅう/fūshū) – ‘custom’
奪取(だっしゅ/dasshu) – ‘usurpation, taking back, dispossession’
奇妙(きみょう/kimyō) – ‘strange, queer, curious’
身軽(みがる/migaru) – ‘agile, nimble, light (of foot)’
誘導(ゆうどう/yūdō) – ‘guidance, leading, induction, introduction, incitement, inducement’
防衛戦(ぼうえいせん/bōeisen) – ‘defensive battle’
繰り広げる(くりひろげる/kurihirogeru) – ‘to unfold, to unroll, to open’
夕闇(ゆうやみ/yūyami) – ‘dusk, twilight’
狂う(くるう/kuruu) – ‘to go mad’
雄叫び(おたけび/otakebi) – ‘war cry, roar’

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