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FIRST VALUE function in SQL Server

In this video we will discuss FIRST_VALUE function in SQL Server

FIRST_VALUE function
Introduced in SQL Server 2012
Retrieves the first value from the specified column
ORDER BY clause is required
PARTITION BY clause is optional

Syntax : FIRST_VALUE(Column_Name) OVER (ORDER BY Col1, Col2, …)

FIRST_VALUE function example WITHOUT partitions : In the following example, FIRST_VALUE function returns the name of the lowest paid employee from the entire table.

SELECT Name, Gender, Salary,
FIRST_VALUE(Name) OVER (ORDER BY Salary) AS FirstValue
FROM Employees

FIRST_VALUE function example WITH partitions : In the following example, FIRST_VALUE function returns the name of the lowest paid employee from the respective partition.

SELECT Name, Gender, Salary,
FROM Employees

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