WCF Tutorial

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    .Net Adding Advantages application asp.net asp.net 3.5 associate attribute Authentication backward compatibility Basic beginner beginners benefits Best Practices Better between binary Bindings break break clients C# Callback centralized changes Channel Client clientCredentialType code communication concurrency Confidentiality config Configuration configure cons console application consuming context contract contracts Creating creation Data data contract datacontract datacontractattribute datamember datamemberattribute defaults denial of service attack difference different disadvantages dos dot net duplex dynamically enable encoding EncryptAndSign endpoint endpoints enumeration error example exception Exception Handling exceptions exchange patterns extensiondataobject fault faultcontract faulted faultexception faults file foundation get Gloabl handleerror handling host hosting how ierrorhandler iextensibledataobject IIS iis 7 Impact implementing implications includeExceptionDetailInFaults Inheritance instance instancecontextmode instancing instead Integrity interface Internet Information Services Introduction isoneway known types knowntype knowntypeattribute knowntypes kudvenkat Large log management Message message contract message logging messagecontract messagecontractattribute Messages messaging missing MODE Modes mtom multiple netTcpBinding oneway Options pattern per-call per-session percall performance PerSession polymorphic types prevent pros protection ProtectionLevel providefault proxy receiveTimeout reentrant remoting reply request request-reply Retrieve risks security self sending Serialization Server service service configuration editor service contract servicecontract serviceknowntype serviceknowntypeattribute services.msc session session id sessionid sessionmode SessionMode.Allowed SessionMode.NotAllowed SessionMode.Required Sign single singleton SOAP soap faults start stop strategies Strongly support svctraceviewer text throttling Throw timeout to trace Tracing transport tutorial typed unhandled versioning Visual Studio 2010 walkthrough was was hosting ways wcf wcf tutorial web service what Windows windows activation service windows forms windows service winforms wsHttpBinding