ADO.NET tutorial for beginners - Part 17 Strongly typed datasets

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ADO.NET tutorial for beginners

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Part 17 Strongly typed datasets

In this video we will discuss
1. What are strongly typed datasets
2. Advantage of using strongly typed datasets over untyped datasets
3. Steps to generate a typed dataset using visual studio

What are strongly typed datasets
1. Strongly Typed Dataset is generated based on the Database Schema.
2. Strongly Typed Dataset derive form DataSet
3. In a strongly typed dataset the database table columns become properties and the type associated with each column is known at design time

Advantage of using strongly typed datasets over untyped datasets
Since, in a strongly typed dataset the database table columns become properties and the type associated with each column is known at design time,
1. Development is much easier as we will have intellisense
2. Any errors related to misspelt column names can be detected at compile time, rather than at runtime

Steps to generate a typed dataset using visual studio
1. Right click on the Project Name in solution explorer and select “Add – New Item”
2. Select “DataSet”, give it a meaningful name and click “Add”. This should add a file with .XSD extension.
3. Click on “View” menu item in Visual Studio and select “Server Explorer”
4. In “Server Explorer”, expand “Data Connections”, then expand the “Database”, and then expand “Tables”
5. Drag and drop the table based on which you want to generate a strongly typed dataset.

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